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I'm very open to making new friends! But I've had some issues with unwelcome scrutiny and prefer to keep this journal locked. If you want to be added just post a comment and describe the context I might know you from. Thanks!

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I have a fuzzbutt cat because of you.
We dated for two and a half years.
We share a love of Buck Rogers.

Do you remember me now?

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I once kept Thomas from sticking his head in a fire pit at Vylotte's house.

And he didn't shriek at me for telling him he could not immolate himself.

Full disclosure: Yes, I am friends with the ogre you seek to avoid. No, i don't support his crusade. But if he never speaks to someone rational, he will never get better.

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Heya! I responded to one of your prompts in the DA group today, and when I saw your screenname, I just got all kinds of excited. Mostly because I studied abroad in Wales twice, and it's one of my favorite places on Earth. :D